Who is Page 23 Media?

Page 23 Media is a one-stop shop for small to medium-sized businesses who need help making sense of how to merge the existing world of traditional advertising, and the digital advertising age that’s barreling toward us.

Contrary to the goals of most marketing firms, Page 23 Media’s goals don’t include words like “corporate world” and “globalization”.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Sure, we have the experience and expertise to handle global accounts, but that’s not our path.  Page 23 Media was founded on a passion for helping small to mid-size businesses in Coastal South Carolina and North Carolina.  Family-owned, family-run businesses, where true marketing success helps real people…people with a name and a face.  That’s how we prefer to do business, and that’s the type of clients we’re passionate about.

Wes Koch, the President of Page 23 Media, has spent more than $30 million in ad dollars for local businesses in South Carolina and North Carolina over the past decade.  We’re experts in all types of advertising, traditional and non-traditional.  And, best of all, we’ve built relationships with nearly every media outlet you could name.  Leveraging those relationships for the benefit of our clients is the very best form of added value we can offer you!