So, what does Page 23 Media do exactly?

At Page 23 Media, you’ll find the partner you need to make sense of the thousands of marketing options out there.  We spend our days analyzing all the opportunities out there, tracking media trends and what media should cost, taking meetings with sales reps, developing awesome creative, claiming co-op, and reconciling invoices…just to name a few things!  In short, we’re experts at managing your marketing dollars more wisely, so you have more time to sell your widgets…and more customers to sell them to!

Our Process, Start To Finish…

1) Client Consultation

2) Market and Target Audience Analysis

3) Marketing Plan Development

4) Media Planning, Negotiation, and Buying

5) Creative Concepting and Execution

6) Media Monitoring and Reconciliation

7) Marketing Results Reporting and Analysis

Whether you use one of our services listed above, or the whole enchilada, our promise is to approach your business’s marketing needs with expertise, and 100% objectivity. Everyone deserves those two things!