Traditional Media

Our Traditional Marketing Expertise

TV and Cable - It’s tried and true, it appeals to more senses than any other form of advertising, and there’s some really cool stuff you can do on TV.   The trick is making sure you don’t “follow the herd” with your messaging.  That’s where we can help!

Radio – Radio is a fantastic tool for delivering a highly-targeted message to a lot of people, a lot of times.  Like TV, great radio creative that stands out from the pack is the key to a successful radio campaign.

Print Media (Newspapers, Consumer Magazines, and Business Trade Magazines) – Contrary to what the blogs might say about declining readership, print tools are still a fantastic way to reach specific audiences.  We can correctly match your business audience to the publication they’re reading…(still).

Outdoor – Nothing beats a good directional outdoor board for driving car traffic to a business.  In Coastal SC, there’s numerous opportunities to blast a huge 14′ x 48′ “shout out” to millions of motorists.

Direct Mail - For “bring the ad into the store” results, it’s hard to beat a great direct mail campaign.  We’ll help you prepare a piece of creative that makes it through the daily “trash can stack”, and makes it back into your store in the hands of a customer.