The Page 23 Promise

Page 23 Media’s promise to our clients is to make your marketing strategy and the process…

More Streamlined - When you enlist Page 23 Media to help with some or all of your marketing planning, creation, placement, and reconciliation, we handle the whole process…from consultation to billing.   That equals less hassle for you, and more time to do what your business does.

More Affordable - 13 years of relationship-building in Coastal South Carolina and North Carolina, and more than $30 million spent in South Carolina alone.  Therefore, we know all the people, and all the tactics, to make your marketing dollars go farther.  Give us a try…we think you’ll agree that we truly do “pay for ourselves” in the money and time we’ll save you.

More Profitable - You’re an expert at your business, whether that’s selling cars, making widgets, or whatever.  At Page 23 Media, we’re experts at marketing.  We know how to recommend a marketing strategy that maximizes your dollars, and how to implement that strategy efficiently.  We’re also pretty good negotiators!  Put all these together, and your business becomes more profitable…in many cases, overnight!

More Robust - The digital advertising age is upon us, but have no fear.  It’s really more exciting than intimidating, we promise!  At Page 23 Media, we know how to do it all, but our key selling advantage is our digital marketing capabilities.  Our extensive knowledge of traditional media, coupled with our cutting-edge digital tools, enables us to create a marketing plan for you that’s more robust.  The result is more touchpoints for your customers, which means more customers for you!