Meet the Founder

Meet Wes Koch

Professional - I’m Wes Koch, President of Page 23 Media. 13 years ago, I graduated from Appalachian State University with a dream of opening my own agency. Over the 13 years between then and now, I’ve developed a passion for helping small businesses succeed, and an expertise in virtually every form of media placement that exists. Traditional or non-traditional…I’ve had the opportunity to learn it all. I’ve worked for more than 100 different clients, including car dealers, restaurant groups, banks, hospitals, tourist destinations, state governmental agencies, national utilities providers…even a global defense contractor. I’ve planned, negotiated and placed advertising on 4 of the 7 continents, as well as 30 different markets here in the Southeast US.

Most importantly, I’ve learned how all of the different media fit together, the benefits and challenges of each, and what works best for different types of businesses. Most recently, I’ve re-dedicated my career path to becoming the very best digital media strategist I can be, because a strong digital strategy has quickly become a “must have” on every media plan.

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Personal – First and foremost, though, I’m a husband and dad, and those are the most important positions I’ll ever hold. Alongside my beautiful wife Jaime, I’m currently earning an outstanding “dad salary” in the form of hilarious quotables from my 3-year old daughter, Malia, and wide-eyed grins from my new baby girl, Carter. I’m also well aware that once they’re 13, I’ll be paying all that back in new clothes, make-up, and trips to the mall! My wife Jaime is my best friend, my foundation, and my biggest fan. Jaime and I follow God in all we do. We sing loudly and off-key every Sunday at Seacoast Church in Mount Pleasant, SC to prove it to Him. We also play an active role in the leadership at our church, coaching several co-ed sports teams, and mentoring young small group leaders. When we’re not changing diapers, Jaime and I spend our free time on the golf course, wetting a line at a neighborhood pond, and leading a young couples’ small group called “The Honeymooners”. I’m also proud to serve on the Board of Directors for the Carolina Youth Development Center in Charleston, SC, and as a Top Producer for the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce’s TRC Fundraising Campaign each year.