Creative Services

Check out the first ever 100% “customer-generated” TV spots in Charleston’s history!  We created these for Rick Hendrick Dodge.





“Lowcountry Jeepin” TV spot






“Daytona Jeep Week” TV spot


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Our Creative Toolbox

Concepting – The best media plan in the world is nothing without great creative.  The key is to break through the clutter and get noticed.  Page 23 Media helps our clients do just that!

Copywriting – We can do it all…radio, TV, interactive, print copy, web copy, taglines and slogans.  And we do it affordably.  At Page 23 Media, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay your copywriter as much as you pay your lawyer.

Website Design and Programming- Does computer programming blow your mind? Yeah, it blows our minds too! So, we partner with some folks who are sheer genius at that stuff, and they happen to be creative masterminds too! Together, we’ll assemble you a rockin’ website!

Digital Design and Banner Programming - Flash banners and rich media ads can get you noticed above all the rest of the online clutter.  We can do it professionally, and affordably.

Mobile Apps- Yes, that’s right…your very own mobile app for your business, that people can download to interact in any number of awesome ways with your business. The sky’s the limit with the business mobile app tool!

TV Production and Direction - OK…we don’t have an HD camera or lights.  But, we know a guy who does!  And he’s awesome at his job.  Best of all, he cuts Page 23 Media clients a super deal!

Radio Production - Whether it’s a live endorsement, a multi-actor “Shakespearean” masterpiece, or just a simple radio spot…we have the relationships to get it done.  Great quality, at a great price.

Print and Outdoor Production - No matter how great the concept, it can’t work until someone who knows how to work all those graphic design programs puts it on paper.  Our graphic artists have won numerous awards, on a local and a national scale.