Cool Added Value

Tons of marketing firms offer creative and media services. Here’s the cool stuff that really sets us apart from all of them…”added value”, that we put to work every day for our clients!

Relationships – 13 years of working daily with vendors in Coastal SC and abroad, and we’ve made a few friends over the years.  Working together comfortably with vendors ensures that your dollars go further.

Leverage - Volume equals discounts.  The volume of dollars we spend allows us to leverage considerable  buying power, so all our clients benefit through better rates.

The “Gatekeeper” – Often, the single largest benefit to working with a qualified marketing firm is having someone to refer media vendors to.  Our job is to take those meetings, analyze those proposals, and filter only the best ones back to you.

Ethics and Honesty - This one should probably be first on the list.   Without this, none of the other stuff matters.  These go hand-in-hand with relationships.  Our ethics and honesty are appreciated by our partners, and that translates directly to your bottom line.

“GroupThink” – With so much experience in so many areas of business, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table about what’s already worked great for other businesses in your category.

Cross-Client Networking - Often, we find there’s great opportunities out there for our clients to partner on a promotion or initiative, with symbiotic results.  Often, our cross-client interactions lead to a new client for you!